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The best tattoo shop in San Francisco, Black and Blue is a woman-owned, gender and POC-inclusive studio. 




Owner and Tattoo Artist at Black & Blue Tattoo

“Abstract designs drawn on the body the day of the appointment. (No drawings on paper)”

"Today, Black and Blue is one of the top-rated tattoo shops in the Bay Area, advertising as a “woman owned, gender and POC inclusive.”

"Today, Idexa focuses on abstract, geometric work. “I get people who want bold, solid work,” she says." 

Skin Deep: A Profile of San Francisco Tattoo Artist Idexa Stern

Hourly Rate: $400

Minimum: $400

Idexa, a native of Bremen, Germany, immigrated to San Francisco in 1992. She started tattooing shortly after and opened up Black & Blue Tattoo in 1996.

For the last decade, she has been living in the North Bayand commutes to San Francisco on Sundays and Mondays. Otherwise she is with her partner and their 5 amazing kids doing outside activities:  hiking, bicycling, tennis,  gardening, farming and landscaping.

With a multinational reputation for innovative design and precision, Idexa specializes in black and color designs, geometric patterns, scientific imagery and organically inspired tattoos.

Idexa has worked in different mediums but finds working on skin exhilarating, as only tattooing allows her to work with unique bodies and stories. Her pieces are drawn directly on the skin, allowing for creative collaboration between her and the person, she is working with.

To her, tattooing is a means of self-transformation through art and intention. One could think of tattooing as a way of making the outside of the body look more the way it feels from the inside. Idexa is particularly interested in this personal & spiritual experience. Special attention is given to detail to meet the clients needs and visions.

If you are interested in Idexa's style and approach, you are welcome to set up a time to come in and talk to her.

Please note: Idexa tattoos on Sundays & Mondays with flexible hours but NOT flexible days. She does not believe in cover-ups, but enjoys reworking and/or extending old pieces.

No lettering, no photo-realism nor highly feminine styles, please. The tattoos are drawn directly on the skin on the day of the tattoo appointment.

Rate: $400 per hour with a $500 minimum


After the initial contact, you can also text her at (415) 516-1974.



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