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On Violence and Danger By Min Yoon

On Violence & Nature

Photography exhibit with butoh ritual performance on the body’s relation to its own nature, society, and landscapes.

Min Yoon aka Citizen Truth will offer a butoh ritual performance in collaboration with their artistic mentor, Idexa Stern, recreating and breaking images and movements of violence and deep care, in reflection and research of the present and past aggressions between the masculine and feminine. 

... reminiscent of divisions, war, bodies, breath of memory slipping through, holding on to a quiet power within while being attacked, the moment of waiting to start a new movement in music between two scores, typhoons, desert, a hand longing for a hold at the end of a day, a lifetime, chasing the sun as it is setting, beyond ... ... ... 

The remaining exhibit will stay up through December 8th

About the artist: MIN YOON

Min Yoon / Citizen Truth is a butoh dancer, ritual performance artist, and researcher connecting our senses to what is deeper within, beyond what is socially accepted toward new expressions of truth. Their recent art works explore social inquiries such as breaking the patriarchal feminine, perspectives of masculine aggression, gestures of care, history of comfort women, and depression as a modern awakening journey. Min started butoh dance, out of the darkest moments in their life, to dive into deeper landscapes and research the postures, gestures, and images needed for our times. They have studied and performed with master butoh teachers, Atsushi Takenouchi of Jinen Butoh School in Italy, Anastazia Louise of Bad Unkl Sista, and Mizu Desierto of Water in the Desert. Min’s artistic works have been funded by Kultuuri Kaupilla in Finland, The City of Oakland, and The Battery Club of San Francisco. 

Min is also studying at the Tamalpa Institute to explore and develop artistic and embodied ways of healing conflicts and aggressions and potentially supporting male-identifying people who would benefit from such works, as part of transforming the personal experiences with violence and sexual trauma into dance. 


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