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The best tattoo shop in San Francisco, Black and Blue is a woman-owned, gender and POC-inclusive studio. 




Specialties include: color, black & gray, blackwork, white ink tattoos, Japanese, Polynesian, American traditional, decorative (mandala, paisley, henna/mehndi designs), Celtic, Chinese brush painting landscapes, art reproduction, Northwest coast native American, music tattoos, calligraphy, tiny tattoos, huge tattoos, elaborately decorated animals, penis tattoos, transgender genital color correction, vitiligo, tribal, script, text, cover ups, finishing and fixing old tattoos, flowers, freehand floral sleeves, scrollwork (a.k.a. filigree), bands/bracelets, dark skin, thin skin, dot shading, and I want to do color portraits!

With 11 years of experience, Michael excels in most styles and specialties of tattooing. With an eye for composition, contrast and color, and a deep love and passion for all styles of tattoos and art from every corner of the world, Michael DeMatty is usually eager to take on whatever a client may want, exploring different styles. In every piece he does, he strives to achieve stunning beauty and clarity with a unique touch. Since getting his start in 2008, he has been determined to always keep learning and improving; Something his mentor taught him well.

As a gay man and a San Francisco Bay area native, it was important for Michael to find a shop that was open and welcoming to all people, which he found in May 2012 when he joined Black & Blue Tattoo.

While he does enjoy creating custom pieces for clients, he also will gladly work with an image provided by the client. 

Hourly Rate: $350-$400 (Depending on the amount of drawing and designing needed or layout/stenciling on the skin needed. Bands are $400/hr.)

Minimum: $350-$400

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