Black + Blue Tattoo


The best tattoo shop in San Francisco, Black and Blue is a woman-owned, gender and POC-inclusive studio. 

With a great interest in the artful history of tattooing, Courtney leans towards the traditional form of the art, keeping things clean and solid. This is not to say that she is limited to this as her skill set covers a vast range of styles. Given her personality and willingness to accommodate the needs and requests of her clients, receiving a tattoo from Courtney is more than just slapping ink onto skin. She has a true enjoyment for the profession and the people involved. This fervor resonates with each piece no matter how big or small. With a desire to grow as an artist, she has set out to make her own name using the tools learned over the years. Outside of the shop, she spends her days with her pug, Berto, and can regularly be found scouring record stores for a killer find to add to her collection and another great sound to channel into her creative passions.

Rate: Charges by the piece, Hourly for larger pieces $200 per hour with a $150 minimum