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The best tattoo shop in San Francisco, Black and Blue is a woman-owned, gender and POC-inclusive studio. 

ALL Artists are independent contractors and solely responsible for their own work.



Who is a queer tattoo artist originally from Puerto Rico. Their tattoos explore classic styles with the added touch of psychedelic playfulness. Who's bold and colorful tattoos encompass a balance between simplicity and complexity. If you're interested in conversing with Who about a tattoo but do not know where to begin, they also have a flash sheet available! 

Hey! The name's Britt, short for Brittany T. Genius. I'm a twenty-eight year old tattoo artist, Graphic Designer, Painter, and Illustrator from Coney Island, Brooklyn. I have seven years experience in tattooing and I really love what I do. My style consists of organic color and fine line detail. Each piece has components of watercolor to create expressive movement that flows with the body. Give me a general idea and I will create a piece that ebbs and flows with your individual vibration! Brittany became a resident artist June 2018. Please contact  her directly to book with her:


Androidoh is a bay area artist with a background in printmaking, street art, painting, and illustration. Deriving inspiration from cartoons, comics, and animation, he creates colorful characters with a variety of cute, obscure and off beat juxtapositions. While he has tons of flash to choose from, he is available for your designs and open to custom work incorporating his playful and humorous aesthetic.


Border child, artist and illustrator from the US-Mexico border. Mariel has been in the Bay Area for seven years and has made most of her preparations and apprenticeship in Mexico City.  Her work consists of black work, fine line detail tattoo of mostly fantastic animalia. Inspired by Mexican folk art and based on her illustrative practice, her tattoos are very versatile and vary to all of the client's desires! The creative process is so specifically oriented to the client, that she includes the design exclusively for the client to keep as an art piece aside from the tattoo. 


My name is Filip Fabian, I am 28 years old and I’ve been tattooing for more than ten years.

I’ve travelled the world with my tattoo machine. Now I settled in Bay area, San Francisco, and I am looking forward to capturing your greatest ideas on your skin. My style is versatile and varies, but I found myself most in watercolor, dotwork, abstract.

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